In 2016 every bank regulator & the White House sent my records to the CFPB. The CFPB sent a message to each bank.

When the bank gave a response, the case was closed & sent to the FTC. It didn't matter what the bank responded with, the CFPB never followed up on the response the bank gave. The FTC sent the closed case back to the CFPB because Congress granted the CFPB the authority to hold banks accountable. This circle just keeps going around & around.

Because of this CFPB to FTC to CFPB circle the banks & their lawyers decided to use the Court system to hide what had happened. This resulted in Lower Courts ignoring a United States Supreme Court decision and ruling against me for following a 1913 Act of Congress & 1933 Presidential Executive Order. I have sent the full details to my Representatives in Congress & faxed the FTC letter to Mick Mulvany. The CFPB to FTC to CFPB circle has & is causing a lot of damage to Consumers & the economy.

If you have gotten the closed case message from the CFPB your complaint may be going in a circle like mine.

You can call the FTC to find out, that is what I did. Each time my complaint goes in a circle a new CFPB case number is created.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: Hold the banks accountable for stealing from me then lying about it to everyone & misleading the Courts. If the CFPB had done it's job in 2016 it would have prevented all the damage the CFPB to FTC to CFPB circlde has/is causing people & the economy..

I didn't like: That you do not do any investigation to protect the consumer, Are not genuine, Complete disappointment and let down, Makes things worse, Send complaints in a cfpb to ftc to cfpb circle.

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