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I filed a complaint against Bill Me Later for double-billing me. The CFPB contacted BML alright - and ALL BML did was remove the charge in question from promotional billing that would post a month down the line to a "current charge".

What GALLS me the most is that the CFPB has a website where they post the results of complaints - and I was easily able to find mine - and they had the NERVE to say that my complaint was resolved in MY FAVOR, which is a bold-faced LIE. This agency is WORTHLESS.

They do NOTHING at all the help the consumer - it is all a SHAM for show. I even disputed their so-called results, and never heard from them again.

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I filed a complaint with the CFPB last week. They contacted Santander bank and of course the bank replied with a generic letter and no resolution to complaint.

The CFPB closed my complaint although, no resolution was reached. This agency is not for the consumer, they are for the lender.

Consumers have no recourse and/or assistance.

-Unhappy consumer