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You will find attached six documents all from "The Big Three" now known as "The Big Four". Why our state & federal governments allow this corporation to conduct "Illegal Business Practices" allow them to change there name several times is beyond me.

Why The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was created your guess is as good as mine. This is the most useless & clueless government agency that has ever existed that we tax payers are paying for. This agency is so "Clueless" that a couple of months ago I posted a complaint on there website about them. They sent me an email told me they would get in contact with the company & get back to me. What?

They also closed several complaints on many different types of laws that "The Big Four" have broken according to what is listed on state & government websites. They actually sent one of my many complaints about "The Big Three" to a company not listed in any of several complaints!

This is the first time I have made a payment online with my Pay Pal Balance & I just can't believe what I have been sent by "The Big Four". You can read the documents & make your own decision.

I usually mail in my payments & sometimes I put one penny or two pennies etc., more then the actual amount owed. I have never received on any paper statement on any of these overpayments credited to my account. Where all those one penny two pennies three pennies etc., go is beyond me. But if you take one penny for every single person that has an account with any store along with this bank & add up all those pennies you get "Millions" who knows maybe "Billions" at this rate.

What made this even worse is that I have called "The Big Three" now "The Big Four" several times about what is stated online in my account & all I get is *** & nothing makes sense. Not only do I get NOWHERE with the people who answer the phone in India, Asia, South America, The Philippines & Tin Buck Two. When I asked to be connected to someone in the United States one person puts me on hold then I get disconnected have to call back & go through all the *** dialing the number putting in my pass codes etc., several times I'm finally told by a woman in India that they can't transfer me to The United State that I have to keep calling until I get someone in The United States! This was at 2:10 pm time in The United States! Another important note is that my "AVAILABLE CREDIT HAS ALWAYS BEEN $1600.00 when I do not owe money. But as you can see here it only goes to $1599.00!

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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What is this about? If your speech is as bad as your writing, I can see why you got nowhere.


I totally sympathize with you but unfortunately its another classic example of how our government allows its citizens to be defrauded. They allow these types of ppl to hide behind that overseas shield of protection.

Just like in most states your ag office wont get involved unless your losses are at least $250000 in a single case. That right there says the law only protects the rich.

I mean who else has access to those types of funds. Its truly a sad day in America.