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I wrote a detailed complaint on their website regarding a huge screw up with a major dept store credit card. They emailed me two weeks later that the company (the dept store) was still working on my complaint.

Three weeks later they emailed me that the company had responded and I needed to go to their website to read the response. Shortly after that, I receive an email asking me to respond to the company's answer. I go to the website, however, my logon was no longer any good, due to wonderful changes on their website, and I had to get a new one, which would be emailed to me in a few minutes. Right?

WRONG. I never received it, so I couldn't read the response. I called the # for CFPB and had to answer twenty questions in order to ask what the deal was with not receiving my email in order to logon. I was told that it could be "up to 24 hours" before I received the email with my new logon info.

WHAT COMPANY DOES THIS? Okay, I wait 25 hours, check my email and spam folder, nada. I call back, and I'm told that they have to check to make sure my email and the complaint are linked. WHY WOULDN'T THEY BE, SINCE I'VE ALREADY RECEIVED THREE EMAILS FROM CFPB.

And guess, what, YES, THEY ARE LINKED. The lady would put in an order to see what was going on. Yeah, right. I asked if she could copy the response and email it to me.

Nope, of course not. She asked if I would like the response mailed to my home address, which would take 10 to 14 business days for me to receive.

I said yes, since obviously it's a lot faster than dealing with their website. Totally incompetent and useless.

Product or Service Mentioned: Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Website.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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cfpb is useless layer of lazy gov workers


The CFPD is a total waste of time.....!!!!! Dobt even bother filing a complaint with them because they themselves don't even do a thorough investigation..!! Who the he'll came up with this company..!!


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