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As of today May 6, 2013 I have heard nothing from The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau or as I like to refer to them as "CONFUSED FINANCIAL PISSONYOU BUREAU". God only knows how many people are getting screwed royal by this bank GE Capital Retail and Pay Pal Smart Connect since I started having trouble with them in October 2011.

They continue to rob, lie, steal, not give names and alter accounts of customers, charge late fees illegally even when you have proof they are so "BRAZEN" that they even charge late fees on payments being mailed two weeks before the due date! There is something truly wrong with this agency. I mean they have been given documents that clearly and plainly show just how corrupt this bank is and they do nothing! All the statements, letters etc.

about 45 documents in all being totaly ignored. Heck, they still have not explained how my complaint on the bank "GE Capital" which I have given the name of "CROOK A TITUS" and "Pay Pal Smart Connect" which I have given the title of "*** TITUS" was sent to my Discover Card which is not mentioned anywhere on my complaints about this bank and credit card company since October of 2011. All the complaints are about these two companies. This is so obvious that it wouldn't surprise me that someone is on the take here either that or they are *** and shouldn't be working at the CFBP or worse yet "Brain Dead"!

They have already showed they can't read little own retain what they read. I just wish I was rich enough so that I could open a bank and not have to worry about being investigated for making money hand over fist. There was one time when I called and used the automated system to find out about my account. The recording stated that my payment was received on the fourth yet shows up on my statement as being received after the 5th, that is just how screwed up and crooked they are.

The Office of the Comp Controller, The Federal Trade Commission, The Department of Financial Institutions, The BBB and The Department of Justice are doing nothing here they have turned over the documents that I had sent to them to the CFPB which had already been given the information and documents by mail. I'm telling you right now if you have an account with this "Crook A Titus" and "*** Titus" bank and credit card company you need to look at all of your statements and pay attention. Go into your PayPal Account copy and paste to a new file with card details etc. What a waste of our tax dollars as if we don't get screwed enough already.

If you were charged a late fee in January 2012 you were charged illegally and need to get that money back. Also, if you have been charged a debt cancellation fee for reversing an unathorized withdrawal from your bank! You need to check it out along with card security fees. My debt cancellation fee went from Debt Cancellation fee to Card Security Fees.

This $6.05 that was a debt cancellation on my statements has been added several times to my card security fees in fact it has been around the world several times. I didn't know you could change what and where this $6.05 or the names that they make for it just to try and make it disappear when it never disappears on your statements. Also make for sure you get all the credit for payments that you have made to "Crook A Titus" and "*** Titus" because they don't always put the correct amount down. They show the amount paid but they don't deduct it from your balance sneaky, sneaky.

Write down the dates, times, names or no names that you talk to from either of these Crooks because they have earned an Acadamy Award for the best liers and thiefs. Thank God they don't have control over phone records. Although Carol in India informed me that they do! That is why they have made billions and continue to make billions.

So, don't waste your time with The Confused Financial Pissonyou Bureau" they are totally "CLUELESS AND QUITE BRAIN DEAD"!

So GE Capital Retail Bank and Pay Pal Smart Connect when you go into read Pissed Consumer complaints as you have done in my cases you might want to all get together so you can get your stories straigt and if you have a name use it! Please don't use Carol there are lots of Carol's!

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These documents are from GE Capital Retail Bank/PayPal Smart Connect (part of what I have sent in since 2011 of October) & The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau closing the cases in March of 2013 with nothing from either of these crooks except for a letter dated April 2012 that doesn't even cover half of what has been submitted & has been submitted up to today about these crooks! What happened did these idiots forget how to write or maybe they ran out of ink or worse yet maybe they are all "Brain Dead".

I know the CFPB doesn't read anything because they actually sent one of my complaints about these crooks to another company that isn't mentioned anywhere in my complaint at all! Crazy really Even with my bank statement they are saying they only took out $374.25 when they took $389.25. They were suppose to waive the $15.00 fee for payment over the phone & they didn't. Have lied continuously about how much, lied and lied and still lie & the CFPB will do nothing to them.

The letter from the CFPB dated March 11, 2013 has inserted the letter dated April 20, 2012 from Kevin Popps closing out all my complaints. Also, these geniouses over there actually sent one of my complaints about these two crooks to a company that wasn't mentioned anywhere in my complaint! Imagine that? Discover was flabbergasted and I was dumbfounded.

There is still so much I can't fit it all here.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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